Both Hare and Clunies-Ross continued to buy relentlessly to have purple security

Clunies-Ross targeted British government inside the Mauritius that have a destination for safety and you may detection on fledgling colony. His first petition toward Governor out of Mauritius, Charles Colville, wanted the hawaiian islands are acknowledge ‘under the supremacy of Bodies off Mauritius’. 64 To make their instance to have coverage, Clunies-Ross sought ‘a level of regional magisterial authority’ and you will a subject like harbour grasp that would buttress their reputation towards the isles and you can regarding purple bureaucracy. 65 Their time is actually terrible; Colville’s connection with authorities from inside the London area is actually strained when he sided having French creoles facing Uk court reforms to ameliorate thraldom. 66

Only 1 month once writing to Colville, Clunies-Ross had written an additional petition, this package treated for the queen and you can written for the session toward Proctor to your Judge regarding Admiralty of St Louis during the Mauritius. 67 They expected that the Cocos-Keeling Countries be put in a condition of ‘union’ with the king’s dominions hence the guy physically, and his awesome heirs ‘within the perpetuity’, be approved a good ‘give of the property’ on the isles. 68 The facts of preparations the guy expected regarding the a couple petitions differed, however, each other show that Clunies-Ross had in your mind an equivalent mixture of cover and many authoritative recognition from their power. Weiterlesen

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