Different Vendors Cater To Different Business Sizes

The only thing that an Asian vendor cares about is whether you can purchase a product in volume and on a consistent basis.

  • Never contact them as the boss or owner. Instead pretend that you are a buyer or a subordinate for your company
  • Never tell them that you don’t know what you are doing. Instead, project confidence in your emails and your correspondence. Do not ask stupid questions that could easily be looked up with a simple Google Search.
  • Never tell them that you are just getting started. If they ask for your website and you don’t have one, tell them you primarily sell your goods in retail stores or mall kiosks.
  • Never show them an incomplete website. There’s no real point in showing off your website if it’s not ready. If you tell your vendor about your website and it’s empty or incomplete, then they will not take you seriously.

You have to be decisive, know what you want and convey to the vendor that you would like to feature their products for your business. Weiterlesen

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